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Pond Cleaning Services

All ponds require regular cleaning to provide a well balanced enviroment.

provide a pond cleaning service to either private pond owners or for companies. You the customer can decide on either weekly, monthly, quarterly, spring and autum, or yearly.

You decide from basic pond vacuuming or choose from the extra services listed below.

  • Fish and pond life stored in a temporary holding vat.
  • Pond drained, pond clean. Water drained.
  • The pond sides and base power washed.
  • Pond lights cleaned.
  • Pond filters cleaned and serviced.
  • Ultra violet clarifier serviced.
  • Cut back your pond plants as necessary
  • Filter/fountain/waterfall pumps cleaned and serviced.
  • Water quality tests.
  • Fish health checks.
  • Remove all plants from the pond
  • Remove all fish and other inhabitants and store them in an appropriate holding tank
  • Remove all the water from the pond, usually by pumping this out to a suitable drain
  • Hose down and jet-wash the sides and base of the pond.
  • Vacuum out the debris in the base of the pond
  • We then re-fill your pond with water
  • Introduce the cut-back plants into the pond
  • Ensure the new water is treated as necessary, to ensure the welfare of the fish is cared for.
  • Inspect the health of your fish before returning them to the pond.

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