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Londa Automatic Fish Feeder

Londa Automatic Fish Feeder
Londa Automatic Fish FeederLonda Automatic Fish FeederLonda Automatic Fish Feeder

Londa Automatic Pond Fish feeder with unique brush dispenser.

With this pond feeder you can automatically feed your fish. The feeder is battery operated so easy to install anywhere. Simply place the feeder on the edge of the pond and the brush dispenser will spread the food over the pond.

Londa Automatic Pond Fish Feeder Features

  • Lasts about 3 months on 1 set of batteries.
  • Designed for pellet food only not suitable for siticks or flake food.
  • Food container has a capacity of up to 10 litre.
  • 4 times a day can set in the feeding time.
  • 50 to 1400 gram per day feeding.
  • Weather proof sits on side of pond.
  • A user manual is enclosed.


Size:Capacity: 10L. (Up to 5mm pellet)
Power:4 *1.5V Battery´╝łNot included).

Do not use rechargeable batteries these do not have the correct current!

Londa Automatic Fish Feeder
£ 99.95
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