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Koi Fish Relocation

Koi Zone will help to take the worry out of your new home move, by making sure your fish are moved to their new home safely and stress free.

Koi Zone will move your koi/fish to there new home

Are you moving home and would like to take your fish to a new pond?

Koi Zone offer the service to re-locate your Koi and pond fish to a new location.

Koi Zone will safely and securely catch and re-locate your fish to their new destination.

Your fish will be handled with utmost care from start to finish. They will be double bagged and oxygenated for the journey. The fish are then placed in boxes in which their journey will be as safe and stress free as possible.

We can take any of your existing filtration, pumps or pond accessories; we can discuss this in further detail as to your requirements.

If you would prefer to transport your fish to a new location yourself we offer a service to catch and prepare them for the journey.

We will make sure that you receive the same service in preparing the fish for a safe trip please fill out details on link below for quote giving as much info as possible.

Please email via our contact page - click link - http://www.koi-zone.co.uk/contact.php