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Aquosis Quad

Aquosis Quad

The Aquosis Quad Vat is a Modular system: easy to assemble and dismantle Freestanding interlocking framework manufactured from anodised aluminium forms a rigid structure once full of water.

Length: 1.25m

Width: 1.25m

Height: 0.8m

Capacity (10cms below the rim): 1008 Litres - 222 Imp.gallons

Aquosis Quad Vat:

Manufactured from PVC-coated polyester
UV and tear resistant
Thickness of material - 0.55mm
2-year warranty
Guaranteed safe with fish and all other aquatic life
Built-in draining point
Flange fittings and drains are easily installed
Minimum temperature exposure -30c
Maximum temperature exposure +70c

Aquosis Quad Vats are ideal pools for your fish when:

Cleaning or repairing a pond
During the refurbishment of an existing pond
When moving house
As an isolation unit
Quarantine unit for new fish purchases
At koi shows or for displays
As a permanent garden pond

Aquosis Quad Vats:

Easily assembled and dismantled
Compact when dismantled for easy storage and moving
No need for level ground or site preparation
Designed for both short and long term use in any environment
Non-standard pools can be manufactured

A range of covers are available:

Mesh: All covers are tailor made to individual pools with eyelets and a secure fixing system. Mesh cover prevents fish jumping out, keeps out predators, provides shade, fin safe - dorsal fin will not snag!

Heat retention cover: features a 400 micron thermal cover allowing at least 85% UV penetration and if required for outdoor use draining holes can be incorporated free of charge.

Aquosis Quad 222 Gallons (1.25 x 1.25 x 0.8)
£ 379.00
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Aquosis Quad Heat Retention Cover
£ 54.95
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Aquosis Quad Mesh Cover
£ 39.95
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